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Ryan Elkins | Director

ryan's freshman story

My story happened before I arrived on Auburn’s campus. While attending The Oaks Retreat in 2014, I began to hear rumors of an annual basketball game between the counselors and the freshman. Obviously, the counselors were big talk, so I joined up with a few other guys to take them on. The counselors were led by the infamous Joseph “Mop Bucket” Armour (the Head Counselor at the time), whose playing style some have likened to the NBA legend Brian Scalabrine. The game was a grueling test of endurance and willpower; the counselors fought hard to win, but it was to no avail. We, the freshman at the time, claimed victory and endless Oaks glory. All this to say, every freshman guy who plays basketball should prepare for a showdown on the first night of the retreat that you won’t forget – but don’t expect to win.

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Claire Gamble | Director

claire's freshman story

At the end of freshman year, I had a ridiculous amount of Dining Dollars to spend since I lived on campus. I was buying everyone’s meals three times a day. One day for lunch, a friend and I ran into the Richmond Gunter, an upperclassman extremely well-known on campus. He happened to be a friend of my friend’s so I offered to buy his lunch. I will never forget the day I bought Richmond Gunter’s lunch (even though he probably has).

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Savannah | Communication

savannah's freshman story

My first day of class freshman year, I was walking to Goodwin (I had no idea where it was located and still don't) for Music Appreciation. It was a beautiful day, sunny and 75. Suddenly, the heavens opened, the sky started pouring down, and I didn't have an umbrella. Then, in true freshman fashion, I got extremely lost. After accidentally wandering into the architecture building and asking upperclassmen to help, I finally made it to class 15 minutes late with sopping wet hair and squeaking shoes. My professor just looked at me and laughed.

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JC Nichols | Publicity

jc's freshman story

My roommate got on this kick early in the fall semester where he decided he loved the Hibachi truck and would get food from there essentially every day. So, one day, I decided to try it with him, even though Japanese food from a moving vehicle sounded a bit sketchy to me. In line, I stood in front of a girl from my Camp War Eagle group, and I had no idea what her name was. To avoid prolonging our awkward interaction with the nameless girl, we decided to eat in our room… and my CWE friend decided to join us. When we got inside our cozy Quad dorm, I placed my food on my bed to get a drink. When I had turned back around, my food had magically disappeared. After a few minutes of searching, I discovered it had fallen, upside down, straight into my laundry bag at the foot of my bed. Since I hadn’t washed any of my clothes yet, about half of everything I owned was covered in yum-yum sauce and rice, and my roommate and nameless friend just sat there and laughed at me

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Samuel Murphree | Guy Counselor Trainer

samuel's freshman story

I joined the Club Ultimate Frisbee team my freshman year and got to travel to places like Myrtle Beach and California to play in tournaments. We got to skip class on the Friday before the California tournament, so we went and hung out in San Francisco for the day. We got to tour downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The best part was that Auburn paid for our plane tickets, and we had a place to stay while we were there – so, we pretty much got to go to California for free!

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Julia Shelley | Girl Counselor Trainer

julia's freshman story

Everyone who knows me knows I love Cam Newton. Well fortunately for me, he was back at Auburn finishing his degree when I was a freshman. The hunt was on to find him and get a picture with him. My friend and I somehow found out what classroom his class was in and waited outside until the class was over. He walked out and I'm pretty sure I just stared really awkwardly at him while my friend asked him for a picture. We took a selfie and you can barely see my face in it, but it was all worth it because I got to meet the love of my life.

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Kalee Full | Logistics

kalee's freshman story

Once upon a rainy day in Auburn, I was napping when suddenly I woke up to the sound of someone grabbing car keys off my shelf. My roommate explained that she needed them to close the sunroof of my car. She said, “It’s pouring rain and your sunroof is open.” We then spent the next hour at a Goo-Goo Car Wash frantically vacuuming water out of the floorboard of my car. The lesson here? Make sure you have a roommate who will barge into your room to grab your car keys and save the day.

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Emily Holliday | Registration and Finance

emily's freshman story

On the first day of class my freshman year, I somehow missed that the classroom for my world history class had changed on the syllabus since I had last looked. I went to my class and the professor was running late. You can imagine my surprise when the professor finally walked in but put up a PowerPoint for an Honors Psychology class that I was not supposed to be in! I frantically got online, found my schedule, and learned that my class had been moved to a building on the other side of campus. I’m sure it was obvious that I was just a lost freshman, but I got up, left, and literally ran to my class. I made it for the last 20 or so minutes of the class and sat on the floor in the back because the only seats left were on the front row and I was not going to be “that girl." I remember absolutely nothing the professor said or did because all I could think about was how late and out of breath I was. But, I made it to class, and I made sure I never sat on the floor in the back again!

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Paige Pinniger | Prayer

paige's freshman story

Auburn weather is very temperamental, and when it pours. The first day of classes freshmen year, it started pouring right as I was headed back to my dorm. I had no umbrella, no rain jacket, and no rain shoes of any kind. In my mind the best idea I had was to take my shoes off and run from the Student Center to the Hill. I got back to my dorm soaking wet, and my shoes were full of water. I then made my roommate drive me to Walmart to buy an umbrella. I carry that same umbrella with me to class everyday now.

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Cory Hershey | Support Staff

cory's freshman story

I didn’t go to the Oaks Retreat. Don’t be like me… go to the Oaks Retreat.

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