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JC Nichols | Director

Hometown: Hoover, Alabama
Major: Biomedical Sciences

jc's embarrassing story

I’m in Student Government Association, and I was attending a Senate meeting one time, which is very formal. My friend in the seat in front of me was trying to tell me something quietly, but I couldn’t hear her and was distracted because I was sending a text. Apparently, I leaned a little too far forward and fell out of my chair…and it wasn’t like a graceful fall- it was an obnoxious crash that got the attention of everyone on my half of the room. All of SGA Exec was behind me and saw it all happen, and when I fell I also spilled a Starbucks drink. So, everyone on my half of the room was either laughing at me or looking at me trying to figure out why everyone was laughing, and the other half of the room was trying to have a serious debate on election law.

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Savannah Tanksley | Director

Hometown: Christiana, Tennessee
Major: Nursing

savannah's embarrassing story

One time in 4th grade, I was wearing my oh-so-stylish gauchos in gym class. It was jump rope day. They fell. My whole class saw my pink and blue underwear. Little 4th grade me never lived it down.

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Anna Mungenast | Communication

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Major: Elementary Education

anna's embarrassing story

During my freshman year, I was part of an organization called Auburn for Water. One of our events that we did during the year was a 5k race. My job during the race was to be one of the people that directed runners on which direction to run during the race. Me, being a confused freshman who also happens to be directionally challenged, misunderstood where I was supposed to stand. I directed runners the wrong way and accidentally cut out a part of the course... and turned the 3.1 mile race into a 2.5 mile race. Once the race was over, I was talking to one of my friends (who happened to be my Oaks counselor freshman year) who was on exec for Auburn for Water. She started telling me about some freshman that had messed up the race and told me how funny she thought it was-- I laughed and said, "Wow yeah that is so funny....I have to go back to my dorm now," and ran back to my dorm before she could figure out that I was that freshman. (I think eventually she, as well as the rest of Auburn for Water exec, found out it was me).

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Caleb Booker | Publicity

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Major: Business Analytics

caleb's embarrassing story

As a young boy I was incredibly imaginative. I grew up in California and because of the perfect climate I spent a great deal of time outside. After church on Sundays my family would always have a few families from church over to eat and fellowship. During this time, after lunch and before night church I would gather all of my childhood friends together and have them sit on lawn to hear me speak (I often used force). I would then proceed to turn my orange “Little Tikes” slide into a pulpit and preach sermons to the small gathering of 6 and 7 year olds. The content of these sermons was, for the most part, limited instructing those listening to share their toys and be generous with their action figures. I still can’t explain why they were my friends.

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Jonathan Colquitt | Counselor Trainer

Hometown: Niceville, Florida
Major: Business Management

jonathan's embarrassing story

Freshman me was having a great day. I survived 8am Business Calc, grabbed some Chickfila, and headed back to the quad. As my engineer roommate torched me for the fact that I was in business and didn’t have to study as much as him, I kicked back and fired off a couple snapchats to my girlfriend. She was hanging out at the beach near Niceville, so, for some reason I was struck with inspiration. I still don’t know why to this day, but I decided to call her a mermaid. I was trying to be cute or something. Said something like “you’re a mermaid, the ocean was made for you.” Yes I know. So I did this. I thought everything was fine and continued to chill. A few minutes later, I check snapchat again and realized that I had not. Sent it. To. Her. Instead, I had sent it to a snapchat group FULL of freshmen dudes. They had all screenshotted it and began tearing into my soul before I realized what was happening. All I knew was that the day suddenly wasn’t quite as great.

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Barrett | Counselor Trainer

Hometown: Vestavia Hills, Alabama
Major: Spanish Education

barrett's embarrassing story

My freshman year I used to say I had “a great relationship with the Student Center bathroom,” which is embarrassing enough. I said this because it would often give me gifts. Once, it gave me a cool Michael Scott button. More embarrassingly though, I found a sweatshirt in there at one point that was 1) very rad, 2) seemed new enough, and 3) unclaimed. After announcing my new find to my friends and taking a vote, we decided that if it stayed in the bathroom for another 4 hours without being claimed I could take it. So, 4 hours later it was mine and I walked out wearing it proudly. I still get made fun of for it, especially because I wore it without washing it first, and the fact that it was from the bathroom. (It has since been washed).

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Kalee Full | Logistics

Hometown: Adel, Georgia
Major: Public Relations
Minors: Business and Nonprofit/Philanthropy Studies

kalee's embarrassing story

It was a cool morning in South Asia, so naturally I chose to wear socks with my Chacos as a way to combat the cool morning air. At the time that this story takes place, I was with a small group of friends in an outdoor setting. Before we began activities for the day, I decided to take a quick trip to the bathroom. You should know that toilets on the other side of the world differ from ours in the fact that you do not sit on them. Instead, toilets are very deep holes in the floor or ground with a ridged surface on either side to place your feet on. Imagine a toilet seat flattened on the ground that you squat over instead of sitting on. I’ve most often heard them referred to as “squatty potties.” On this particular morning, I wasn’t paying the best of attention when I approached the squatty potty, failing to notice that the surface you would normally place your feet on was a little wet and slippery. I began to place my right foot on the ridged surface with confidence, only to experience the most terrifying sensation of my foot slipping down into a hole. While most squatty potties are dug rather deep, this one was not. I probably do not need to describe to you what my Chaco – and sock – looked like as I slowly, sadly, pulled it back out of the squatty potty. That morning, I was more thankful than ever for Wet Wipes, an extra pair of socks, and close friends to share the story with.

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Clay Knight | Logistics Specialist

Hometown: Auburn, Alabama
Major: Accounting
Minor: Spanish

clay's embarrassing story

One time my friend had a birthday party dinner at Ariccia Trattoria in the AU Hotel and Conference Center. Meanwhile, the LSU women's basketball team was enjoying a nice dinner a few tables over before their game against Auburn the next day. Somehow word got to them that there was a birthday at our table, so they all came to our table and sang Happy Birthday to my friend. I was so touched by this act of kindness (I guess?) that I later googled their ENTIRE roster and added them all on Facebook. I'm still Facebook friends with many of them today. One of my personal favorites is my girl Derreyal TankaToo'Bop (last name omitted for privacy purposes). She keeps it real y'all. Side embarrassing story featuring me and my terrible social media skills as a young teen: I once sent Gabrielle Douglas (the Olympian gymnast) a Facebook message stating, "Gabi you are so awesome and I know why you smile all the time it’s because you have Jesus and that is the best thing ever!"

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Caroline Bugg | Registration

Hometown: Oneonta, Alabama
Major: Early Childhood and Elementary Special Education

caroline's embarrassing story

I was 16 and driving to my volleyball practice one early morning sometime during the summer with my sister. We passed by a state trooper and I was thankfully driving the speed limit, but he still pulled out behind me. As a teenager, I had never been pulled over before so naturally I was freaking out. He came up to the car and looked at me and said, “You know what you did wrong.” I just kept saying, “no sir, no sir” over and over as I shook my head trying to hold back tears. Eventually, he said he thought he saw me texting. I immediately said no sir, and went on to explain that I honestly couldn’t even tell him where my poor little flip phone was at the moment. He then proceeded to ask me what I had been holding. I looked at him with no words and held up the silver kitchen spoon full of peanut butter (my quick breakfast) I had thrown down when he pulled me over. He became flustered and then gave a five minute rant on how I shouldn’t text and drive, forcing me to be late to my volleyball practice. Probably more embarrassing for the officer than myself, but I still have yet to drive and eat peanut butter at the same time.

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Paige Pinniger | Prayer

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
Major: Nursing

paige's embarrassing story

Auburn weather is very temperamental, and when it pours. The first day of classes freshmen year, it started pouring right as I was headed back to my dorm. I had no umbrella, no rain jacket, and no rain shoes of any kind. In my mind the best idea I had was to take my shoes off and run from the Student Center to the Hill. I got back to my dorm soaking wet, and my shoes were full of water. I then made my roommate drive me to Walmart to buy an umbrella. I carry that same umbrella with me to class everyday now.

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Jimbo Alldredge | Support Staff

Hometown: Fayetteville, Georgia
Major: Global Studies
Minor: Spanish

jimbo's embarrassing story

My most embarrassing story would have to be from my senior year of high school. I was just cheering on my school at one of our football games, just like most Friday nights, but this Friday night had an unfortunate incident. I was sitting on the front row of the student section, on display for everyone to see, when I was unintentionally pants-ed! Luckily, it was a quick fix and I don’t think that too many people saw. Lesson learned? Be very careful when wearing gym shorts!

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Riley Hambrick | Food

Hometown: Scottsboro, Alabama
Major: Political Science

riley's embarrassing story

Growing up I had this fascination with dolphins, like I absolutely loved dolphins, right? So, one time when my family and I were at the beach, we decided to find this place that would allow me to ride a dolphin. Thankfully, we were able to find this knock-off Sea World, somewhere in Panama and so I'm getting pumped, like 100% hype. Fast forward 30 minutes and I'm in the pool with the three dolphins that are the coolest things ever and these two (very attractive) instructors are going over the rules of how to hold on to the dolphins and whatnot. Right before the dolphins pull me around the pool they tell me to hold on tight because they're gonna take off. And so I'm in a state of euphoria and all the people in the stands are cheering me on and everything and then the instructors give me a count down and then that sucker takes off like a rocket and as soon as they do, my shorts hit my ankles... and guess who did not have on underwear? Ya boy did not. I realized what had happened as soon as it happened and I had the thought of letting go of the dolphin to get my shorts, but then i was like "ehh what the heck" and was not about to let nudity ruin this experience of a lifetime for me, so the dolphins kept going and I kept mooning and it was great.. probably more embarrassing for my parents actually, but embarrassing nonetheless.

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Alison Moore | Hospitality

Hometown: Niceville, Florida
Major: Equine Science, Pre-Vet

alison's embarrassing story

When I was younger, my family was on a vacation to Disney and I decided to go in on a foot-long hotdog right before going on that spinning rockets ride in Magic Kingdom. Needless to say, I was low-key sick after getting off them and threw up ALL over these business men that were there for a conference. Suits and all...

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