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Jonathan Colquitt | Director

Hometown: Niceville, Florida
Major: Finance

jonathan's embarrassing story

Freshman me was having a great day. I survived 8am Business Calc, grabbed some Chickfila, and headed back to the quad. As my engineer roommate torched me for the fact that I was in business and didn’t have to study as much as him, I kicked back and fired off a couple snapchats to my girlfriend. She was hanging out at the beach near Niceville, so, for some reason I was struck with inspiration. I still don’t know why to this day, but I decided to call her a mermaid. I was trying to be cute or something. Said something like “you’re a mermaid, the ocean was made for you.” Yes I know. So I did this. I thought everything was fine and continued to chill. A few minutes later, I check snapchat again and realized that I had not. Sent it. To. Her. Instead, I had sent it to a snapchat group FULL of freshmen dudes. They had all screenshotted it and began tearing into my soul before I realized what was happening. All I knew was that the day suddenly wasn’t quite as great.

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Barrett Harris | Director

Hometown: Vestavia Hills, Alabama
Major: Spanish Education

barrett's embarrassing story

So two years ago I worked at the Pig (~Piggly Wiggly~) on St. George Island. I was asked to work in the brand new coffee cart, which made so much since because I knew nothing about coffee, how to make coffee, or even how to run a register. After a few days of watching youtube videos, I taught myself how to make all different kinds of coffees and lattes, I was so proud of my creations :,). Well, this one time I was opening like I always did, and it was really early in the morning. I hadn’t even had time to unload everything that had been drying in the sink from the day before, when two little children come up and ask for two smoothies, (they were the ones that changed color when I put the powder in: so cute) So of course, I start to make their smoothies. I got to the end of putting everything in the blender and couldn’t find the top that kept everything from flying out, but I just figured it’s in the sink with the rest of the stuff I hadn’t gotten out yet, and I use a paper towel instead. 1 1/2 min. later, out come two magic cotton candy smoothies and the children leave. I go back to the blender to clean up and pour the leftover smoothie in the sink, and out with it come... shards of plastic. Turns out I blended up that plastic top into the smoothie and there were sharp death spears of plastic floating around in those childrens’ smoothies. I hear them drive away, I almost start to cry, I do start to panic, and I am fully convinced I have just killed these children with my death drink... so I start to pray “Lord, please, I don’t know what to do, don’t let these poor children die!” I am very dramatic at this point. Then, another customer comes. She asks for— you guessed it: a smoothie. I’m like no never again I ain’t making no one else a smoothie in my life. Then she said “just like the kids’” and I think..... what? The kids? Are those your kids? She says yes, they are hers. So in a panic I spill everything, about how I am a dangerous person who probably killed her children and I was so sorry and I would give her a full refund and I should be fired, and she just... laughs at me. She’s like, no it’s fine, I’m sure they’re fine, I’m a mom I’ve seen worse, can I get my smoothie? And that’s that, I was so embarrassed, I’ve never had a smoothie since.

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Anna Mungenast | Public Relations

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Major: Elementary Education

anna's embarrassing story

The summer after my freshman year of college, I spent my summer in a town called Apalachicola, Florida with a group from my college ministry at my church in Auburn. I worked at this sweet little ice cream shop called The Old Time Soda Fountain. My duties included scooping ice cream, making milkshakes, working our cash register (where I really struggled to rip receipts- harder than it looks), and stock and price the many, many souvenirs and t-shirts sold in the shop. I was only ever on shift with one other person at a time, and this particular day I was working by myself for a little while. This was halfway through the summer, so I my self-esteem had skyrocketed when my boss told me she thought I was doing well enough to watch the shop by myself for a little bit. I was going back and forth between the cash register and the ice cream counter for the next hour. I walked over to the ice cream counter to get waffle cones for this family of four, all talking to each other as they decided which ice cream flavors to choose. The man walked down and I charged him for their ice cream; a total of $12, $3 per waffle cone. He proceeds to argue with me, telling me that can’t be right, he’s never had such expensive ice cream in his life. A very confused me responded saying, “Well, waffle cones are the most expensive ice cream we have!” The man very angrily shook his head and left the shop, without the rest of his family (or what I thought was his family). Then, the woman and two children that he had been standing with to pay for their ice cream. I said, “Oh, your husband has already paid for yours!” And she replied: “Husband? My husband is fishing right now, he’s not here.” My face immediately turned red. Turns out it wasn’t a family of four ordering ice cream at all, just a man needing some advice on which flavor to pick. That’s the story of the time I charged a man $12 for one ice cream cone. Didn’t tell my boss about that one.

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Matthew Carroll | Assistant Public Relations

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Major: Marketing

matthew's embarrassing story

Probably the most embarrassing story I have in college comes from freshman year. If you kept up with Auburn Men's Basketball last year, we were really good. If you wanted good seats, you had to wait for hours at the student section entrance outside of the arena before the gates even opened. Because of this, Freshman Matthew thought it would be a good idea to bring some snacks along for the ride - namely a giant box of goldfish, because I thought others would be hungry too. What started as something innocent quickly turned into the tail end of many jokes, and from now on, I always eat before going to wait in line for Auburn sporting events.

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Jane Frances | Assistant Public Relations

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Major: Exercise Science

jane frances' embarrassing story

When I was visiting my friends hometown my group of friends and her family decide to go to Publix to grab some Ice Cream of course. So all the girls got there before the family and I decided to dance in the parking lot because no one was there. Now I like to dance like a crazy person and they were blaring music from the car so I was going HARD. Then when i was breaking it down all of a sudden her family pulls up with her mom, dad, and brother. My friends try to tell me stop but I’m lost in the music so I make a fool of myself and the rest of the trip, I can’t help but feel guilty every time I was around her family.

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Matt Seay | Counselor Trainer

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama
Major: Aerospace Engineering

matt's embarrassing story

When I was younger my sister was involved in gymnastics, and at the time every time we went on vacation it was because my sister had a gymnastics meet. We would go to the beach and Disney world and some other places for her meets. So my young brain had grouped vacations and gymnastics together. One day my sister told me she was quitting gymnastics and I began to cry, cry a lot. My mom then asked me "Did you really like watching Bekah do gymnastics?" I responded and said "No, I just wanted to go on vacations. Will we ever go on another vacation?" That is when I learned that vacations are not tied to gymnastics.

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Raxia Bailey | Counselor Trainer

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Major: Nutrition Wellness

raxia's embarrassing story

Sidenote: I have a fake tooth.

One time during finals week I was enjoying popcorn, my favorite snack, and I heard a crack! What was it you may ask— my fake tooth!! The next morning, the tooth completely fell out. Straight up looked like a hillbilly. To make it worse, my biggest fear in life is losing my front teeth. So in the middle of finals week, I had to drive to Birmingham to get it fixed. I still had three finals left, so it was terrible timing, and as you could image, I was pretty stressed. I must admit, I was speeding a good bit on my drive. I got pulled over.
Per usual, the police officer asked why I was speeding and I immediately started bawling.I looked him straight in the eye, with a tooth missing, and told him the whole story. He must have thought I was crazy. But, he, trying not to laugh, looked at me and said, “Ma’am, just slow down a little bit. Good luck,” and left.
Sidenote Part 2: If you get pulled over, yank out a tooth and start crying.

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Katherine Neil | Logistics

Hometown: Auburn, Alabama
Major: Media Studies

katherine's embarrassing story

One day I was walking on the concourse with a water bottle that I thought was closed under my arm. Someone walked by me and said hey and it caught me off guard and I jumped. When I jumped the most unfortunate thing happened- my arm squeezed the water bottle, the lid flew off, and it squirted all over a random person passing me. Turns out that person is in my major and we now have every class together. War Eagle!

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Kara Brooks | Logistics Specialist

Hometown: Hoover, Alabama
Major: Secondary Math Education

kara's embarrassing story

Have you ever seen those videos where people take foam heads and put them in the hood of their sweatshirt that they’re wearing and do funny things? My roommates and I decided one random night that we should do just that and walk into random people’s rooms on the hall, not say anything, and then walk out. One of my roommates was up first, but you can’t see with the sweatshirt over your head so a few of us had to walk her right up to the random door and put her hand on the handle. We hid around the corner while she walked in and, when we heard a gasp and “oh my goodness!” we took off running down the hall. My friend running in front of me ended up, out of nowhere, darting into the stairwell to hide, so I planted my foot and pivoted to do the same. What I didn’t realize was that my friend with the foam head took off running after us even though she couldn’t see because of her sweatshirt, so she ran me right over. I ended up slamming into the wall and dropping to the ground. My friend who hit me said, “Did I run into the wall?!” This would just be an unfortunate story about some weird friends, but I ended up breaking my toe.... imagine telling people that story and trying not to be embarrassed.

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Brooke Ezekiel | Registration

Hometown: Morris, Alabama
Major: Elementary Education

brooke's embarrassing story

This year, I was at an Auburn football game. I got to go on the field before the game (War Eagle), and I saw that the little girl that I babysit was also on the field (which was shocking, because a one-year-old shouldn't be on a football field). Naturally, I freaked out and bent down to talk to her...and then MY PANTS RIPPED. Not a small rip...all the way down. I quickly stood up and made my friend give me her sweater to tie around my waist. So many people (important people) saw. Easily the most mortifying experience ever, and there was a draft for the rest of the day.

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Cameron Breedlove | Finance

Hometown: Opp, Alabama
Major: Finance

cameron's embarrassing story

So, my embarrassing story takes place this past summer while I was working at Pine Cove in Texas. I was meeting people there from Auburn and all over the southeast left and right. I knew of a girl that was going to my same camp that I was working at because we had a mutual friend, but I had never actually met her. I knew what she looked like and her name but, like I said, never 'officially' met her. One day, we were sitting down about to start some more lifeguard training and I was going to introduce myself. Lean over, put my hand out for a handshake and introduced myself as her name. Talk about awkward, creepy, weird and all of the above. We are good friends now so I guess it wasn't too bad.

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Brittney | Hospitality

Hometown: Oxford, Alabama
Major: Nutrition Dietetics

brittney's embarrassing story

The most embarrassing thing that has happened to me during college would have to be the time I was kicked out of my freshman history class.
It was halfway into the semester and I always sat near the front with one of my friends. I guess the teacher never saw me until the day he looked at my friend and said “Why did you bring your daughter to class with you today?” We looked around the room to try and figure out who he was talking about to soon realize he thought I was my friends daughter. This led to a long argument about how he didn’t believe that I was a student and ended with me being kicked out of class for the day.

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Caleb Hunt | Prayer

Hometown: Oneonta, Alabama
Major: International Business

caleb's embarrassing story

This is a journal entry from the summer of 2017 when I spent two months in Southeast Asia:

Day 14, 06/14/2017, "Duty"

This morning I will never forget. My teammate and I were making coffee. He left to return his motorbike. My other two teammates left to grab breakfast at the bakery down the street. The water was drip, drip, dripping through the grounds of our pop-up pour-over. It hit me. I waited, anxiously watching as the water level dropped; 15, 20, 25, 30 seconds. I could wait no longer. I waddle-ran to the room. Door, locked. No time to waste, I sprinted to the outdoor water closet. Squatty-potty sat alone. I had no choice. I lowered my pants, straddled the steps, bombs away. Salvation. Relief. Ecstasy. But wait. Where is the toilet paper? I scan the ten-foot, square room. It isn't there. I look for a water spout. No where to be found. I hang my head in defeat. My hand raises to volunteer. I insist not, but it was its duty. Down in the water it dips. The remainder I shall leave unmentioned...

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John Vogt | Operations

Hometown: 10 states but graduated in New London, CT
Major: Kinesiology

john's embarrassing story

Let me preface this by saying I absolutely despise running for the sake of running. I just don’t see the appeal. Also, I was quite the hefty middle schooler back in the day. Anyways, in 7th and 8th grade I was homeschooled when I lived in Hawaii (military kid). So my mom thought it best that since we didn’t have recess or PE, our PE would be having to run about a mile and a half each day or two. Well I wasn’t quite ecstatic about this, so I came up with a plan. I would plan to “run” around the time my mom would go run some errands. I would throw my shoes to the side, get my hair wet, grab a cup of water and go into the garage and play NCAA Football 12 for a while. Unfortunately, my mom caught on one day, called my bluff and that was that. All in all, I went to great lengths to avoid a quick jog each day.

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Carey Clark | Assistant Operations

Hometown: Madison, Alabama
Major: Biosystems Engineering

carey's embarrassing story

One time, I was laying across some people when we were hanging out, and we were eating popcorn. I felt some movement in my stomach from this fire popcorn and I thought it was a burp. It then popped into my head that it would be hilarious if I burped in someone’s ear. I then tell one of the people I’m laying across I have to tell them something. As I lean over to whisper to them, I burp. But this isn’t just any ordinary burp. The burp turned into a baby burp. Liquid popcorn came suddenly out of my mouth. In disbelief, I quickly began to calm the person down. No one noticed but us, me and that person trapped in what seemed to be an eternity. It was probably the most surprised I’ve ever been. It’s been our secret till just now.

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John Daniel Strawn | Food

Hometown: Florence, Alabama
Major: Mechanical Engineering

john daniel's embarrassing story

One afternoon earlier this semester, I attended an event on Samford lawn put on by the campus ministry I’m a part of. There was a pretty large group of people there, and we were all playing lawn games, eating food, and socializing. I met a few new people, and then I eventually ended up talking to an older man who was from one of the local churches. We talked for a while and at some point, he asked me what my major was and what year I was. I answered, and then proceeded to ask him what year he was in return. I really have no explanation for how I managed such a dumb question. This was even after he had pointed out his kids were there playing too. I’ll never forget his look of pure confusion and bewilderment as he explained he graduated a long, long, time ago.

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