support staff and counselors

meet the squad

Our group of counselors for The Oaks Retreat is made up of students from Auburn, Southern Union, and Tuskegee, who represent dozens of churches and ministries in the Auburn/Opelika area. The majority of these staff members will serve as counselors, while the remaining are members of Support Staff, who will serve and assist the counselors throughout the retreat.
Each of these counselors applied for their position out of a love for the Oaks and its mission. They all have a desire to see college students living for Jesus during their time in college and beyond. They went through an interview process, and once accepted, attended multiple training sessions that prepared them to be counselors. They are matched with a co-counselor with whom they spend their spring and summer semesters praying over their groups, preparing to lead them.
These counselors are extremely dedicated! Not only is this an unpaid position, but each counselor actually pays to be at the retreat and spend that time with incoming freshmen and transfer students. They give their time as well – not only in meetings beforehand, but also in follow-up with their group after the retreat. Our counselors want to continue to guide and befriend them throughout their year.
Each of these counselors is an answer to prayer and their love for Christ, as well as the large number of churches they represent, is such a picture of the Body of Christ. They have united with the common goal of advancing the Kingdom and giving God all the glory.
We are so excited to love and serve the class of 2023!

watch this video to learn more about being a counselor